We work to support artists with their creative development

With many years’ experience at working with a wide range of artists at many levels of achievement we are in a unique position to support you with every aspect of your creative development. Able to mentor you through the whole process of making, understanding, and exhibiting, we are in a unique position to help provide artistic, institutional, and educational advice.


Mary and Sacha afforded me opportunities and not only understood when my ASD and gave me the chance to try again, a luxury rarely extended to me on my journey as an artist.

They facilitated and proactively support artists to chat with one another about their work and experiences, something which I have really appreciated, grown from and felt less isolated because of.

They have supported me well beyond my expectation and facilitated and enabled my development both professionally and personally. I am beyond delighted that they are setting up this business to help more people fulfil their potential in ways they never thought possible.

- Dawnne McGeachy

Winning the Art Award has helped me more than I can put into words. With the help of Mary, Sacha and their team, I have been able to successfully publish a book, which I really hope will go on to have a positive impact and change lives.

For the first time the future doesn’t seem like something I have to live through, but instead something I can look forward to.

There are so many barriers in art and literature, more so if you are autistic, so having someone fighting your corner can be the vital difference, and indeed, was for me.

- Charlotte Amelia Poe (Spectrum Art Prize winner 2018)